Speedy Tuesday - An Omega Museum GTG In BienneConsidered one of my preferred aspects in watch collecting is meeting people. Many men and women. Over the years I've reached meet a huge selection of collectors, within Switzerland along with abroad.  Many of them I only met once, with a few others we keep interacting via email, im or Instagram, and lastly some became buddys.Talking to my peers from my Swiss collectors network I spotted that nonetheless they know me, they just don't necessarily are all aware 1 another this also was the thing I had to focus on to vary. The first attempt happened this past year when 15 people met in a very local Wine and Whiskey bar in Neuchatel (Switzerland) on an afternoon around replica watches, à la Redbar.The result was really great that we made a decision to continue and organize another meeting 12 months later.Organizing something sounds simple however when you are looking at facts however, it's not at all so easy in any way. Lots of questions suddenly require an answer. How large whether it's? Who to ask? Which location? What program? etc. etc. Before I started to resolve those questions I re-focused back to my primary goal : bring people together, possibly people who usually do not yet know the other person, allow them serious amounts of focus on their common passion, all inside a convenient location with adequate security.To the list of guests, the option was evident - local peers who have kept a lot more important me throughout the last few years. The volume of guests only 15, to allow everyone to shell out a little while with each other.  This software - more obvious, replica watches, many replica watches - all they need to use a great afternoon.Location & program - I approached OMEGA and asked whether or not this would be very easy to visit the Museum as being a number of collectors. The Museum team immediately accepted an organization visit but while talking within the information on what I was planning along with what I meant by « a small grouping of collectors » they suggested involving their Marketing department to find out if our whole event can happen inside Museum instead of a simple visit (!). After some fine tuning using the Marketing team, the style was approved and our group was invited to meet during OMEGA's brand Heritage, the Museum, privatized for individuals !Last Saturday, the 17th of March, we reached the Museum during the early afternoon, welcomed through the Museum crew.  They not merely privatized the Museum for people but had also organized tables in several parts of the Museum to allow some space for the replica watches we brought here. This started with a fast lunch (due to OMEGA Marketing team for organizing this) which allowed the attendees to get to know each other and initiate socializing across the topic during the day, replica watches. Once the lunch we'd 4 hours to unpack the stuff we brought, discuss, debate, share, learn. One particular guest had a luggage case literally stuffed with pictures, pins, stamps, books, goodies, all form of NASA-related stuff, even including some original photographs of Space Missions and also a totally crazy Apollo Mission book such as a folded Moon Map ! It absolutely was a true honor and pleasure to listen for @roydavidoff discussing fundamentally he's got collected over time. Thanks a lot Roy to the unique moment ! Petros Protopapas completed Roy's pop-up exhibition by incorporating goodies with the Museum, by way of example original photo cameras applied to the Moon - another epic moment for all of us, race-for-space nerds.In relation to replica watches, breitling aviator watch I had been confident in regards to the quality and diversity in the pieces my collector guests brings. Now Let me tell you that I had totally under-estimated them! Besides there being nearly over a hundred (!) different modern and, mostly, vintage Speedmasters, additionally we saw a great deal of Seamasters, haurex watches Flightmasters, Railmasters, RancherosTimepieces of all types with an overall quality with this world. It was amazing to determine that quantity of replica watches returning to OMEGA first day and entertaining hours of passionate conversations. Conversations stirred by Petros Protopapas and his awesome endless knowledge about a brief history of OMEGA.Inside name from the whole number of collectors who had been there last Saturday, I'd like to thank OMEGA, watches Maria from Marketing, the Museum crew : Petros and David for their a serious amounts of their willingness to express their knowledge along with Giovanna to be with her sympathy and a spotlight to details in the whole day ! This crowd highly brought about make our celebration an incredible and unforgettable experience.Report published by @Kovpics replica breitling navitimer white watches
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