Superior :-)So, it's getting greater now. I did nice and interesting conversations with Svend Andersen, Christiaan van der Klaauw, people from Cyclops plus more from the intersting watch afficionado's. Simultaneously I acquired used a tad on the overwhelming power which the Big Brands use to show. As well as it's not everything blah-blah what they're doing. As an example using Silicon material by Patek Philippe for various parts within the movement is a reasonably technical revolution also.Today I'm away and off to Sinn; they've got a long good news, much like the new 657, two new 903's as well as the innovative U1 and U2 - take a peek here if you love.Further I'll meet with the individuals from Nomos who are introducing their new, fully in-house and first automatic movement. It's going to be used first in the Tangomat (depending on the face with the Tangente, however slightly larger), which is to be later as well as a Riomat (in line with the Orion).At the same time today I must look at Gerald Charles, which is apparently a new brand by Gerald Genta . Besides not liking the name excessive and achieving a flashy feeling through the models they reveal of their website, there might be some nice disigns and concepts from his hand.Gerardps. If readers would want to reach me only at the Basel fair, they might send an email at mobile@horloge.com. If you would like have some understanding specific, watches and have questions straight to among the watch compoanies just let me know and I'll try to obtain the answer graham watches . quality replica rolex watches replica breitling navitimer white watches
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